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Special: The Dark Wife16: Changes Part Two
Special: The Dark Wife 15: Changes Part One
Special: The Dark Wife 14: Uprising Part Two
Episode 93: Interview: David S. Atkinson
Special: The Dark Wife 13: Uprising, Part One
Special: The Dark Wife 12: Gaea
Special: The Dark Wife 11: Cerberus
Special: The Dark Wife 10: Charon
Special: The Dark Wife 9: Elysian, Part Two
Episode 92: Interview: Lauren 'Scribe' Harris
Episode 91: Interview: Ian McKinley
Episode 90: Interview: K. T. Bryski
Episode 89: Interview: Matt Conn
Episode 88: Interview: Paul K. Ellis
Special: Patreon Bonus Episode: Video Games
Episode 87: Interview: Jake Bible
Episode 86: Interview: Lauren 'Scribe' Harris
Special: Balticon 49 Roundup
Episode 85: Interview: Live With The Melting Potcast!
Special: Balticon 49 Part One 
Episode 84: Fiction: "Trace" by Melissa Embry
Special: The Dark Wife 8: Elysian, Part One
Episode 83: Fiction: "Escalation" by David Steffen
Episode 82: Interview: Keffy R. Kerlhi
Episode 81: Fiction: "That Goldurned Hole" by Gary Cuba
Episode 80: Interview: Ryan North
Special: The Dark Wife 7: Pallas
Episode 79:  Fiction: "The Pen Was Mightier" by Rish Outfield
Episode 78: Interview:  C. Spike Trotman
Special:  The Dark Wife 6: Underworld
Episode 77:  Fiction:  "The Bowmen" by Arthur Machen
Special:  Chrononaut Cinema Review
Episode 76:  Interview:  Matt Wallace
Episode 75:  Interview:  John Chu
Episode 74:  Interview:  Adam P. Knave
Special:  Balticon 48:  Podcasters Against Humanity
WG2PVG 10:  Foreshadowing/Super Metroid
WG2PVG 09:  Macguffins/The Legend of Zelda
WG2PVG 08:  Chekov's Gun/Phoenix Wright, Ace Attourney
WG2PVG 07:  Allegory/The Legend of Zelda:  The Ocarina of Time
WG2PVG 06:  Flashbacks/God of War
WG2PVG 05:  Unreliable Narrator/Portal
WG2PVG 04:  Prologue/Castlevania:  Symphony of the Night
WG2PVG 03:  Three Act Structure/Final Fantasy VII Part 3
WG2PVG 02:  Three Act Structure/Final Fantasy VII Part 2
WG2PVG 01:  Three Act Structure/Final Fantasy VII Part 1
Episode 73:  Interview:  Christiana Ellis
Episode 72:  Interview:  Bryan Lincoln
Episode 71:  Fiction:  "Night in the Forest of Lonelines" by David G. Blake
Special:  Balticon 48:  Conducting Podcast Interviews
Special:  Balticon 48:  Podcasting 101
Special:  Balticon 48:  LGBTAQ Issues in YA Fantasy and Science Fiction
Episode 70:  Interview:  K. T. Bryski
Episode 69:  Interview:  Ross May
Episode 68:  Interview:  Charlie Brown
Episode 67:  Interview:  Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine
Episode 66:  Interview:  Chad Bowers, Scott Kowalchuk and Chris Sims
Episode 65:  Fiction:  "The Infinite Onion" by David Steffen
Episode 64:  Interview:  Patrick Hester
Special:  Smokey Writers 2014 Cards Against Humanity
Episode 63:  Interview:  Cat from GoodLesbianBooks.Com
Episode 62:  Fiction:  "D  ancers" by William Meikle
Episode 61:  Interview:  Nathaniel Lee
Episode 60:  Interview:  Paul E. Cooley
Episode 59:  Interview:  Every Photo Tells
Episode 58:  Interview:  J. Daniel Sawyer
Episode 57:  Interview:  Talk Nerdy 2 Me
Special:  The Dark Wife 5:  Taken, Part 2
Special:  The Dark Wife 4:  Taken, Part 1
Episode 56:  Interview:  Lauren 'Scribe' Harris
Special:  Balticon 47:  Podcasters Against Humanity
Special:  Balticon 47:  Kickstarter Panel
Episode 55:  Interview:  Michell Plested
Episode 54:  Fiction:  "The Path To Power" By Hugh J. O'Donnell
Episode 53:  Fiction:  "To the End of Time, or Lisa"
Special:  Balticon 47:  Living NaNoWriMo
Episode 52:  Interview:  Starla Hutchton
Special:  Balticon 47:  Talk To Me:  How To Conduct Podcast Interviews
Special:  Balticon 47:  Dueling Drabbles
Episode 51:  Interview:  Disasterpiece Theatre
Episode 50:  Interview:  Chris Roberson
Episode 49:  Interview:  Skinner Co
Episode 48:  Interview:  Nuchtchas and The Clockwork Doctor
Episode 47:  Fiction:  "The Chase" by Ken Liu
Episode 46:  Interview:  Pat Toner
Episode 45:  Interview:  Justin MacCumber
Special:  "The Gauntlet" by Hugh J. O'Donnell, Presented by Every Photo Tells
Episode 44:  Fiction:  "Suburbia Hell 10K" by Steve Husk
Episode 43:  Interview:  Edward Summer
Episode 42:  Interview:  Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover
Episode 41:  Fiction:  "A Man of Many Masters" by Christopher Munroe
Episode 40:  Fiction:  "Old Man River" by Rish Outfield
Episode 39:  Interview:  Mackenzie Lambert
Episode 38:  Interview:  The Roundtable Podcast
Episode 37:  Fiction:  "First Day on the Job Was Hell" by Dietrich Kalteis
Episode 36:  Interview:  John Anealio
Episode 35:  Fiction:  "Alien Laughter" by Harris Tobias
Episode 34:  Interview:  Christopher Morse
Episode 33:  Interview:  John Mierau
Episode 32:  Interview:  Brian Clevenger
Episode 31:  Fiction:  "Forks and Skewers" by Nathaniel Lee
Episode 30:  Interview:  Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris
Episode 29:  Interview:  Mackenzie Lambert

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