Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fiction: "That Goldurned Hole" by Gary Cuba

Hold on to your longjohns, we are proud to present "That Goldurned Hole" by Gary Cuba.
Today's story is read by the talented Mr. Dave Robison
Click HERE to listen
Links and Notes:
Find out more about Mr. Cuba and his work at thefoggiestnotion.com.
Mr. Robison hosts the fabulous fiction creation project known as The Roundtable Podcast!
Today's promo is for John Mireau's Audio fiction project, Asunder.  Visit John's Patreon to listen for free!
Hugh is playing Shovel Knight!
Pat is busy working on his projects, including his comic Not Often!
Music by Kevin MacLeod.
Visit Hugh's blog or Patreon for more fiction and other cool content!
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