Friday, September 13, 2013

Panel: Podcasters Against Humanity

Today we have another panel from Balticon 47!
We gathered a group of talented podcasters and other guests from the convention and played Cards Against Humanity for your amusement!  What horrible things will your favorite voice say?
Click HERE to listen and find out!
Special thanks to our many panelists:
Bryan Lincoln, Abigail Hilton, Nuctchas, Doc Coleman, Opopinax, Chris Lester, Myke Cole, Lauren 'Scribe' Harris, Joshua Bilmes, Norm Sherman, Rosemary Tizledoun, Galia Godel, J R D Skinner, Dan Adler, Kevin Crosby, and Bruce Press.
The flyers found at the beginning of today's episode were for Bite Me by P J Schnyder.
Thanks for listening!

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