Friday, December 12, 2014

Interview: C. Spike Trotman

On today's episode, we're delighted to speak with C. Spike Trotman, proprietor of Iron Circus Comics and the creator of Poorcraft!

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Iron Circus Comics
The Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here Kickstarter  Project ends December 17th!
Hugh read Sex Criminals: One Weird Trick.
Pat watched Black Mirror.
Spike is reading Surface Detail by Ian M. Banks.
Tales of a Tesla Ranger: A Tribute to PG Holyfield
Intro music by Kevin MacLeod
Today's promo-Flashpulp
Hugh's blog
Pat's comic
Hugh's Patreon
Today's outro is "Delightful Spekio" by Random Encounter, from their new pay-what-you-want album, The Big Blue LP!
Thanks for listening!
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