Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Episode 28

Welcome to the Way of the Buffalo Podcast! On today's episode, I'll be talking with author and podcaster Abigail Hilton, the creator of The Prophet of Panamindorah and The Guild of the Cowry Catchers!

Click HERE to listen online!

(2:14) Today's story is "Show and Tell," by returning author J. C. Elkin, read by Laura Diemer!

(5:26) The promo for today is The Dark Wife Audiobook Kickstarter! Help us make an amazing audiobook, available FOR FREE online!

(6:32)Listen to part one of our interview with Abigail Hilton! In this non-spoilers section of our interview, we talk about the difference between ebooks and audiobooks, Fullcast Podcast, and more!

(41:59) The closing track for this episode is "Corridors of Time" by Laura by Srpuke.
All other music provide by Kevin MacLeod of

Thanks for listening! Next time: "Alien Laughter" by Harris Tobias, and part two of our interview with Abigail Hilton!

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