Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Episode 27

We're nerding out on episode 27 of The Way of the Buffalo! Click HERE to listen online!

(2:03) Our story today is "The Instructions," by returning author Amanda C. Davis! Today's story is read by multi-talented friend of the show Chris Munroe! Check out his new YouTube channel, Munsi Sells Out!

(4:54) Today's promo is for the Marscon Dementia track!

(5:58) In the second half of this episode, Hugh sits down and chats with Cap, Colin, and Hex from Nerdy Show! We talk delve into the origins of Nerdy Show, Dungeons & Doritos, Nerdapalooza, and more!

Nerdy Show recently had a book club episode! Go listen to it HERE!

On a sad note, in the time since this interview was recorded, another host of The Nerdy Show, Triforce Mike Pandel, was fatally struck by a car. This is a tragic loss for the podcasting community, as well as Mike's family and friends. You can listen to Nerdy Show's Triforce Mike Tribute show HERE. Visit Marc with a C's Bandcamp page for his song, The True Story of Triforce Mike and Marc with a C. (NSFW) All proceeds will go to set up the MAP foundation, a charity in memory of Triforce Mike.

(58:31) For the month of February, we'll be focusing on the new album "Katana and Tonic" by Laura by Spruke, which features our own contributor Laura Diemer on vocals. This is their cover of "Technologic" by Daft Punk.

All other music was provided by Kevin MacLeod of

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