Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Story: "The Path to Power" by Hugh J. O'Donnell

Welcome to the podcast!
Today, Hugh shares his reading from Balticon 47!  It was his first reading, and there were more than two people in the audience!  Thanks to all three members of the audience, as well as Lauren 'Scribe' Harris, who shared the reading session.
Hugh's story is "The Path To Power:  Advice to the Graduating Class of 2012."  This story appears in A Method to the Madness:  A Guide to the Super Evil edited by Jeffrey Hite and Michell Plested.  It is available now from a variety of online reatailers, as well as the publisher's website.

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The promo for today's podcast is for the Pendragon Variety podcast!
Opening and interstitial music provided by Kevin MacLeod.
Closing music is "Gobble Snarf Snap" by XPRTNovice, from Balance and Ruin, an excellent new OC Remix album featuring the music of Final Fantasy VI.
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  1. I heard about the podcast on Wait Wait. This was the first episode I listened to, and I LOVED it. I can't wait to catch up on all the past episodes. How could I have missed this podcast for so long?