Sunday, November 27, 2011

Episode 25: Steampunk!

We're celebrating milestone episode 25 of The Way of the Buffalo with an all-steampunk episode! Click HERE to listen online!
In today's story, An elderly woman sees the world around her changing, but are these changes a blessing, or a curse? Enjoy "The Man in the Brown Coat" by Julia Scott-Douglas, read by Laura Diemer!
In the Second half of today's show, Hugh sits down with Author and Podcaster Jared Axelrod and talks about "Fables of the Flying City," steampunk, and Jess Fink's hair, amongst other things.
Music used in today's podcast included:
"Danse Macabre," performed by Kevin MacLeod, "Industrial Music Box," by Kevin MacLeod, and "Desert Pulse," by Alex White.
Fables of the Flying
The Gearheart/Alex White
Flying Island Press Steampunk Issue
Jared Axelrod
Laura Diemer
Julia Scott-Douglas
Also, my short story "Moving Mountains is available in a variety of ebook formats!
Thanks for listening!
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