Friday, April 15, 2011

Episode 13

"Provision" by Ash Krafton

Welcome to the Way of the Buffalo Podcast! Click HERE to listen online! In today's story, a man discovers the true cost of raising a child, and what he's willing to sacrifice for his son.
Ash Krafton is the co-editor of the Pennwriters Area 6 blog, and can be found online at her website, Spec Fic Chick.
This episode, we also interviewed Sarah Reho-Diemer about her online fairy pendant shop, Glamourkin.
Our Drabbles for Dollars story was generously commissioned by Patrick Toner of Buffalo, NY.

The War With Homelessness:
No one knows how the first homeless person figured out how to access the S.T.O.R.M. Shelters, much less how they all coordinated the mass migration. Those mysteries notwithstanding, Americans woke up one morning to find their cities empty of vagrants. Talking heads debated various theories, and a prominent evangelical theologian had a breakdown, believing he had missed the rapture.
Days later, they returned, Rising to the surface of every major city through a massive mauve grate. The shelters had been built and armed in case of cold war invasion and forgotten. The homeless had returned to clean up their streets.

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Our opening theme was "Danse Macabre Finale" by Kevin Macleod, and our closing theme was "Corncob," also by Kevin MacLeod. Visit for more music.

Today's promo is for the Dead Robots Society Explorers Anthology.

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