About Us

The Way of the Buffalo podcast presents short fiction and interviews with new media artists and writers. Our mission is to promote emerging voices in all genres of storytelling, and across emerging media.
When we began in 2010, conventional publishing wisdom was that the short story was a dying art, and new writers were better off only writing novels. But in new media, in online magazines, podcasts, and now ebooks, we saw a renaissance. We set out to show the world that short fiction wasn't really 'going the way of the buffalo.'
The show is hosted and edited by Hugh J. O'Donnell, and co-hosted by Pat Toner. We feature stories submitted by listeners, and have hosted fiction by Ken Liu, Amanda C. Davis, Christopher Munroe, and many others. Read our Submissions Guidelines to find out how you can send us your fiction, or lend us your voice talents! We have, and always will be, a paying market.
We also interview authors and artists who are laying new ground and forging ahead in new media. We've interviewed such luminaries as Chris Roberson of Monkey Brain Comics, Scientist and Dragon*Con TV host Stephen Granade, and writer and podcast pioneer Mur Lafferty.
The world is full of amazing new stories and more ways than ever to tell those stories. So come join us as we go the Way of the Buffalo.