Friday, October 11, 2013

Schedule Update

Hello Folks!

I just wanted to update everyone with a few schedule changes and announcements for The Way of the Buffalo.  First of all, fiction submissions are now closed.  They should reopen January 1st, but I have a pile of great stories to go through and produce, so I'm going to take some time to do that.  If you sent me a story this summer, and haven't gotten a reply, you should get one before the end of next week.
Secondly, as you may have noticed, I've restarted work on the audiobook of The Dark Wife, by Sarah Diemer, and read by Veronica Giguere.  I hope you're enjoying it!  As a result, I'm finding I don't have as much time to edit The Way of the Buffalo as I would like.  So here is the schedule for The Way of the Buffalo, from now until the the audio book is finished:
The first and third Sundays of every month will be new episodes of The Dark Wife.  The second and fourth Sundays will be Interviews and stories from The Way of the Buffalo.  There may be some special episodes dropping in the feed as well.
Thanks for listening, and if you have comments or questions, send them our way at wayofthebuffalopodcast(at) gmail (dot) com.
Thanks for listening!
--Hugh J. O'Donnell

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